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About O Spine

The O Spine team utilise a multidisciplinary approach to restore, build and maintain spine health by considering all aspects of care for better patient outcomes.


The O Spine team concentrate on all aspects of spine treatment ensuring accurate assessment of your condition.



The O Spine team will be able to advise and provide your recommended next steps for treatment.

The O Spine Difference

O Spine patient care is based on a standardisation model that is driven by an accurate diagnosis.

An accurate assessment and diagnosis is pivotal to better patient care as it allows the treatment to be tailored to each individual’s needs.

While some spinal cases may require early specialist assessment, others may be best treated with physiotherapy in combination with other therapies. This holistic approach to treatment underpins the O Spine philosophy of ensuring each patient’s care is tailored to their needs and lifestyle for better outcomes.

O Spine Care Model

Professor Brian Owler and the O Spine allied health team have adopted a unique approach to spinal health care, leveraging use of cutting-edge human performance measurement technology.
Focus on spinal
Standardisation of
patient care
Specialist education of
team members
Objective & comprehensive
Early diagnostic testing
and imaging
Early referral for
unresponsive cases
Evidence-based treatment outcomes
Objective measurement of outcomes

Why O Spine?

The revolutionary O Spine care model was developed by Professor Brian Owler,
an Australian trained neurosurgeon with extensive
experience in the treatment of the spine and spinal disorders.
If you or someone you love is suffering from a spinal condition,
please call us today to arrange for an assessment.



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